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HoneyBear Films : advertising, marketing, viral, youtube, production company, corporate video, new york, full service, web, funny commercials, creative, ads, social marketing, media, PR

About Us :

Honeybear Films is a boutique advertising agency and production company that is unique to the world ofvadvertising media. We develop, produce, direct and edit your commercial-- a one stop shop that will also strategically place your advertisement among various media outlets, including cable TV, satellite TV, and the internet.

Clients :

Armitron Lawry's Hawiian Tropic Zone 2 (x)ist CYBRA Global Dental Plans Davis Foreclosure Assistance National Geographic Discovery Channel History Channel PBS Rivka Friedman Jewelry Discovery Times Channel Cushman & Wakefeild Maxxima Karat Platinum Herbal Mist HBO Latino And others...

Contact :

Honeybear Films LLC 381 Pearsal Ave. Cedarhurst, NY 11516 (516) 371-5550

Corporate Video :

Whether it's a business to business marketing video or an internal corporate message, Honeybear Films can produce a high quality video that is sure to meet your company's needs.

Music Videos

Radio Ads

Television Production :

For over 10 years Honeybear Films has been producing high quality content for television. We have traveled around the world for our cinematography and editing work and have appeared on National Geographic, The History Channel, A&E, PBS, TLC, HGTV, Discovery-Times Channel, IFC, and the Outdoor Life Network among others.

TV Commercials :

All the big players are on TV. But what most companies donít know is that itís not as expensive as you might think. Cable TV advertising is relatively inexpensive. Your company's commercial can be on TV for as little as $5 a spot. At Honeybear Films we will develop, produce and edit your commercial for you at a price that is sure to fit into your budget.

Viral Web Commericals :

Viral marketing is the way of the future. There are a new set of rules for the World Wide Web. Your commercial does not have to fit into any time frame and can be as wild and crazy as you like. Statistics show that people are surfing the web for more hours than they are sitting in front of their televisions. The best part about viral marketing is that sites like,,,, and many others have millions of unique visitors everyday searching for funny, sexy or ridiculous ads. Check out our <a href="">Youtube channel</a> to see how many hits we have generated for our clients If you havenít thought about viral marketing then you are being left behind!

Web Video :

You want your website to stick out in a crowd. The best way to do that is by adding video to your website. Honeybear Films has been working with the top website development companies to produce some of the most innovative websites to hit the World Wide Web.